Designs by U, Inc.

5615 Old Selma Road
Montgomery, AL  36108

Ordering:    call Karen Callis at 334-265-0144  
                  or by email at
Fax:           334-265-7477 
Business hours are Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm Central Time

Who we are

Thank you for showing an interest in Designs By U.

Designs By U was established in 1985. Through the last twenty years our line has made many transformations, striving to offer products that can enhance our customers artwork and creations.

Metals became the focal point of our line, not just because of its versatility and long history in art, but because it is our one true love. It can conform to so many different personalities and can be worked into many aspects of the art world. We are constantly amazed and thrilled to see so many wonderfully talented and exciting artists use our product in their works.  It has, and continues to be, an absolute joy working with our customers.  It makes our job very rewarding.

We welcome any suggestions, for it is you who makes us successful.

Again, thanking you for showing an interest and hoping to be serving you soon. 

Karen Callis

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